hello! my name's sofi, and i'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer! feel free to have a look at my information below. (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡


A picture of your character from the shoulders up!

Waist up

A picture of your character from the waist up!

Fullbody (feral character)

A four-legged animal character.
$40 flat colors, $45 shaded, $55+ background.

Fullbody (anthro)

A humanoid character with average clothes and accessories.


A shaded bust with a simple background, along with an UI that includes name, a 5-star affinity meter, and a short line of dialogue. Meant to emulate a dating sim-like videogame. Price: $45

terms & rules

  • Payment through PayPal only!

  • I'm open to payment plans; any order can be paid in halves or thirds.

  • I currently cannot offer refunds, sorry! this is due to local currency convertions.

  • You'll recieve a sketch to approve of before I render your commission.

  • I might refuse to draw machinery, complex armor, etc. Feel free to ask!

  • I will not draw hateful imagery, racism, pedophilia, bestiality, incest, etc.

  • A second character is +80% of the original's price.

  • Feel free to use your commission for personal use!

fees & extra charges

  • Changes are free during the sketch stage; any large changes requested after the sketch has been approved by the client might be subject to an additional fee depending on complexity and how far along the piece is.

  • I draw from written reference/make custom designs, for a fee of $10+ depending on the complexity of your idea. (ie a flat headshot of your custom design would be 25+10=$35. a "complex" idea would include asymetrical designs, props and outfits, several wings..)

  • The backgrounds included in my prices are "simple"; a simple background is defined as painted skies, natural landscapes, fields, forests, etc. A complex background might add a fee of $5-10. Things that raise a background's complexity are mostly manmade structures: buildings, cities, cluttered indoor scenes, etc!

  • Props can add a fee of $5 depending on complexity. (food, instruments, weapons...)

  • Complicated characters can add a fee of $5 (complex markings, large wings...)